Insurance Information

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What is an insurance declarations page?

You may have seen the words insurance declarations page when researching insurance options or reviewing your policies. It is typically the first page (or pages) of a policy. Also commonly known as a ‘dec page,’ it is a summary of your policy information. You will find several different pieces of information when looking at your […]
Insurance shopping best practices.

Insurance shopping tips to help you find quality coverage

Following some insurance shopping tips can help you navigate the numerous options and complex policies that make the process difficult. With the right approach and expert assistance, you can make informed decisions that protect you, your family, and your assets. Before you start shopping for insurance, assess your needs. Consider the types of coverage you […]
Florida home surrounded by flood water after a storm.

Flood insurance in Florida: Why it matters

Flood insurance in Florida is a necessity for many homeowners. As a low-lying state with risks of storms throughout the year, it is the best way to protect yourself against the costs of flood damage. You should consider flood insurance even if you believe your home isn’t at risk. According to the Florida Department of […]
Update your insurance for the new year with Domain Insurance.

Update your insurance for the new year

As we welcome the new year, it’s the perfect time to make sure you and your family are protected with the right types and amounts of insurance coverage. Life changes, and so do your insurance needs. Your insurance coverage should adapt to keep up with your evolving circumstances. Before diving into your policies, revisit the […]
Finding condo insurance in Naples, FL that's right for you can be different than finding home insurance.

Finding condo insurance that’s right for you

Finding condo insurance in Naples, FL, that’s right for you can be a daunting responsibility. It’s different than looking for traditional home insurance. You are insuring different property and you have different responsibilities than you do if you have a single-family home. Condos are usually units within a building. Whether they are single story or […]
Auto & Vehicle Insurance

Save money on car insurance with these tips

Save money on car insurance with these tips you may already know and some that may surprise you.  The most common advice you will hear when trying to save money on anything is to shop around. That is also true when trying to save money on car insurance. There are many companies that offer insurance […]
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