Boat and watercraft insurance keeps your fun protected

Boating is a significant part of the lifestyle in Florida, and having boat and watercraft insurance is the best way to keep your fun on the water protected. The Sunshine State ranks among the top for boat ownership thanks to miles of coastline and year-round warm weather. Insurance is essential whether you own a small fishing boat or a 50-foot yacht.

Boat and watercraft insurance.Boats and other watercraft can be significant investments. The thousands of dollars invested in them are at risk without insurance. You do not want to drive your car without insurance. The same is true for your boats. Boat and watercraft insurance helps you protect against the out-of-pocket costs of damage, theft, and other losses. Boat insurance is not required by law in Florida, but many lenders will require you to have it. You may also be required to have insurance to be allowed to use certain marinas.

There is a lot of space to enjoy your boat without worrying about other people while on the water. Accidents still happen, though. If your boat is involved in an accident that causes property damage or injury to others, you could be liable for damages. Liability protection in your boat and watercraft insurance protects you in these scenarios. This coverage can also extend to legal fees and medical expenses for injuries caused by your boat.

Florida’s weather is warm but is also unpredictable. Sudden storms and hurricanes can cause significant damage to boats and watercraft. Having the right insurance can cover damage caused by weather-related events, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

Like with any insurance policy, determine the right coverage for your needs. Consider factors such as the value of your boat, how and where you use it, and any additional coverage you may need, such as coverage for personal property on board or towing services.

If you need help finding boat and watercraft insurance or determining if you have the best coverage, contact Domain Insurance. We are independent insurance experts. We can help you understand what your current policies cover and if a better option is available. Give us a call at (239) 610-1116, or contact us online to get started.

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