Hurricane Insurance: Review and update before a storm

Living in Florida means abundant sunshine, beach trips, and the need for hurricane insurance. While it may not be your favorite part of living here, it is an annual risk to your home and property. Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th every year. Before the next storm season arrives, review and update your insurance as needed.

Reviewing Your Hurricane Coverage

To find your hurricane insurance coverage, you will want to look out for the words ‘hurricane/windstorm deductible.’ These phrases are often used to define the deductibles separate from your standard homeowners policy. Find your deductible quickly by checking your policy’s declarations page.

Hurricane and windstorm deductibles have specific ‘triggers’ for them to apply. Typically, hurricane deductibles are a percentage rather than a dollar amount.

Assessing Your Coverage Needs

Hurricane InsuranceOnce you know how much hurricane insurance you currently have, you will want to assess the value of your home and the items in it that may have changed since you last reviewed your policy. Factors such as renovations, additions, or changes in property value in your area can affect the amount of coverage you need. By creating an inventory of the items in your home and their value, you can better understand if your current coverage will cover their loss. It will also make updating your policy and making claims in the future easier. An additional piece to consider is the cost of living if your home is uninhabitable after a storm. Coverage for these additional living expenses helps you bridge the gap while repairing your home.

There are elements of hurricanes not included in hurricane insurance. This type of coverage will help you with damage relating to wind but does not cover flooding. Flooding is common during hurricanes in the Sunshine State, so you should have a separate policy to protect against those risks.

Reviewing and updating your hurricane insurance can be a complicated and confusing process. An independent insurance expert, like our team at Domain Insurance, can help you understand and update your policies. We can help you with everything from reviewing your current policy to finding and updating your coverage. Contact us or call (239) 610-1116 to ensure you are protected.

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