What is an insurance declarations page?

You may have seen the words insurance declarations page when researching insurance options or reviewing your policies. It is typically the first page (or pages) of a policy. Also commonly known as a ‘dec page,’ it is a summary of your policy information.

Sample insurance declarations page

You will find several different pieces of information when looking at your insurance declarations page:

Insurance Company Information: This will include the name of your insurance provider and contact information for them.
Policy Details: A dec page will have your policy number and dates your coverage begins and ends.
Coverage Details: Most of the information you will find will relate to your coverage. You will find your coverage types and limits, deductibles, endorsements, discounts, and descriptions of what is protected. You will also find details relating to your premiums and payment plans.
Personal Information: Insurance declarations pages contain information about the people covered by your policies. Included are addresses, names, dates of birth, and other relevant information.

When you purchase an insurance policy, your provider will send you a dec page through traditional mail, e-mail, or fax. If you no longer have those documents, many insurance companies also make them available online. It is important to note that items may be missing from your declarations page if you have optional policy add-ons.

When do I need an insurance declarations page?

Your declarations page is an important document to keep as a record of your coverage. You can use this information as proof of insurance coverage in certain cases. Mortgage companies often require an updated declarations page each year. Not all dec pages are proof of insurance. For example, a car insurance declarations page isn’t proof of coverage during a traffic stop.

When your insurance is up for renewal, or you are shopping for different options, your declarations page is helpful. It gives you a reference point to compare your current coverage against the quotes you receive.

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